HYPEBAE lists Sara Robertsson Jewellery as a Swedish jewelry brand you need on your radar.

Listed as one of 'five SWEDISH JEWELRY BRANDS YOU NEED ON YOUR RADAR -Accessories for the Scandinavian minimalist' at HYPEBAE.

"Scandinavia has always been at the forefront of fashion and design, becoming known for a minimal and recognizable aesthetic that transcends both trends and time. For our latest roundup, we’re looking at some of Sweden’s best jewelry brands, combining the traditional Scandi minimalism with modern design cues and unique design elements to create statement pieces ideal for day-to-day wear. ...
Sara Robertsson became known for her warped earrings that became staples for influencers all over social media. Her pieces are minimal, but always come with an unexpected twist that is both easy to wear as well as adds an exciting element to any look. If you’ve been looking for statement earrings that combine Scandinavian minimalism with costume jewelry, Robertsson’s pieces are ideal."

By Tora Northman.
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