Production & Sustainability


Our production is small-scale and mindful and each piece is finished by hand. We work with two external producers; one small family owned company outside of Porto in Portugal that make our hand forged styles, and one producer in Stockholm, Sweden that spezialises in casting using the best combination of traditional and modern techniques. They make all our casted styles as well as all our platings. We also work with in-house production of made to order pieces in our Malmö based studio in Sweden.

Recycled Silver

Almost all the silver we use in our production is recycled. Producing small-scale does mean it's difficult to get suppliers to conduct testing to know the exact quantities but up to as much as 95% is usually recycled. Individual batches can on occasion however be slightly lower than that. Since silver is a precious and valuable metal everyone working with it, including us, are always very thorough in making sure that nothing goes to waste. All bits and pieces left over during production are always returned to the supplier for recycling or recycled by the individual producers themselves.


Our packaging is produced small-scale by hand in the south of Sweden and made of woodfree FSC® certified paper produced in Germany. It is designed by us in collaboration with Boxmaker Rosenkvist to fit each style individually and protect the jewellery from damages during transport but also to minimize waste. Reuse it or recycle it as paper waste.