Swedish designer Sara Robertsson's unique jewellery, combines soft flowing shapes and sharp clean lines that meet in an organic minimalism with a strong and poetic expression.

The inspiration for her original design comes from the shapes in nature and evolution, something that Sara Robertsson, with the obvious intuition of a designer, simplifies and gradually peels away to find an aesthetic core. "In the design process, I want to find the balance between trusting my intuition and having the patience to let the process naturally evolve. Designs that take time to develop often last longer and I want my jewellery to be worn and cherished for many years.”

The collection's larger and more sculptural signature pieces bring to mind draped fabric and tells tales about Sara Robertsson's background in fashion design. After studying art history and gaining a master's degree in fashion at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Design, Sara worked for several years in the fashion industry before finding her place in the jewellery world. Here she experienced a joyful creative freedom beyond the fast fashions and soon found a style all of her own.

Since its inception in 2015, Sara Robertsson has been a distinctly design-driven brand deeply rooted in genuine craftsmanship and Scandinavian minimalism. With small-scale production in Sweden and Portugal, each piece of jewellery is carefully crafted by hand in recycled sterling silver and vermeil.

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