Care Guide

Sara Robertsson Jewellery works with recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled 24 karat gold plated silver - vermeil. All pieces are handcrafted and need to be handled with care. To make them last, follow our guide below, and you will be able to enjoy your pieces for many years to come.

To clean your jewellery wipe off the piece with a soft cloth regularly and once in a while clean it more thoroughly with soap and water and gently wipe it dry right away. Never use harsh brushes or similar as they might scratch the surface.

For vermeil jewellery occasional wear is recommended as the top layer of gold will wear off over time and with wear. When the plating has worn off the pieces can be replated.

The surface of sterling silver oxidizes naturally over time in contact with air, liquids, moisture and with your skin. To restore the finish use a reducing agent such as a silver polish cloth or a silver bath.

Please always store your pieces safely and separately, for example in a jewellery box, when not wearing them to avoid scratching the soft metal and reduce oxidization.

If your jewellery should somehow be damaged it can almost always be mended by a skilled goldsmith and your piece should be as good as new!

If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact

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